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Out of this world rewards

Explore the ZunaNauts

Only 739 ZunaNauts roam the galaxy, bringing Binance Smart Chain together and benefiting from the entire ZUNA ecosystem.


Minting is now closed.

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Unlocking the entire ZUNA Ecosystem

The longer you hold $ZUNA in your wallet the more you earn from $ZUNA's 5% holder reflections.

ZunaNaut holders earn two rewards plus bonus rewards for holding $ZUNA

Reward One

12 months of static $ZUNA rewards beginning when a ZunaNaut is first minted

Lifetime percentage from every WBNB transaction on the NFT Marketplace, paid in $ZUNA

It's not too late to be early. (Facebook Cover) (5).png
It's not too late to be early. (Facebook Cover) (6).png
It's not too late to be early. (Facebook Cover) (7).png

Reward Two

Bonus Rewards

Six tiers... six levels of rewards

Potential Earnings

Imagine the possibilities

$ZUNA Static Rewards Over 12 Months

$ZUNA Price @ 0.00000002 = $39,600

$ZUNA Price @ 0.0000001 = $198,000

$ZUNA Price @ 0.00000025 = $495,000

Share of Marketplace Rewards Monthly

10M Monthly Marketplace Volume = $5,000/mo

100M Monthly Marketplace Volume = $50,000/mo

Rewards and potential earnings are estimates and not guaranteed.

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  • How do I mint a ZunaNaut NFT?
    You can mint or buy an already minted ZunaNaut by visiting and connecting your metamask or wallet of choice. WBNB is the accepted form of cryptocurrency.
  • When are rewards start and how are they paid?
    Once a ZunaNaut is minted for the first time the 12 months of static rewards will be triggered. Pay outs for static $ZUNA rewards are sent to the wallet that holds the ZunaNaut evey month on the 1st. Once a ZunaNaut has received all 12 months of static rewards (regardless of any ownership transfer) the static rewards will end. The Marketplace rewards also begin once a ZunaNaut is minted for the first time. Following the wallet that holds the ZunaNaut, Marketplace rewards pay out every monday forever. Payment is received in the form of $ZUNA.
  • Will there be a second collection?
    Yes! Once all ZunaNauts from the first collection have been minted we will be releasing a second and last drop.
  • What wallet can I use?
    Any defi wallet that supports ERC-721 NFT's will do. Many of our holders use Trust Wallet or MetaMask.
  • How do I track my rewards?
    You can track your rewards through your personal profile on
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