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Where we started & where we're going


Phase 1

  • Fair launch $ZUNA on Pancakeswap

  • Initial marketing push across social media channels

  • Hold first video developer AMA session 

  • Press Release on Yahoo Finance + 600 media outlets

  • Setup Telegram communities and all socials

  • Listed on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and Nomics


Phase 2

  • Influencer marketing

  • Community growth

  • Milestone $ZUNA burns for 1k, 5k, 10k, and 25k holders

  • Media outlet marketing

  • $ZUNA listed on Cointiger & Hotbit

  • Various giveaways and competitions for holders

  • Continue to do monthly video AMA developer sessions


Phase 3

  • Begin development on first major utilities: NFT Marketplace + ZunaNauts NFT Collection

  • Continue various avenues of marketing for $ZUNA and promote upcoming utilities

  • Continue to hold monthly video AMA's

  • Build long term tech team for future utilities


Phase 4

  • Launch

  • Launch ZunaNauts NFT Collection

  • Deploy Marketplace/NFT reward system and $ZUNA buy back system

  • Deploy ZunaNauts reward tracking system

  • Integrate $ZUNA for NFT trading on

In progress

Phase 5

  • Continue development of additional features and resources for ZUNAVERSE

  • Marketing campaigns for ZUNAVERSE including media outlets, influencers, cross dApp promotion and mass direct outreach

  • AMA tour with other communities to promote ZUNA Ecosystem

  • ZUNA Ecosystem brand revamp

  • Relationship building and partnerships with NFT communities, creators and influencers

  • Open integration of other BSC tokens to ZUNAVERSE

  • Open ZUNAVERSE to support secondary marketplace sales

  • Creator marketing portal

  • Zunaversity NFT training 

  • Additional exchanges for $ZUNA

  • Grow monthly trading volume of ZUNAVERSE to 5 Million

  • ZUNAVERSE 2.0 UI/UX Upgrade

  • AI NFT Creator Portal

  • ZUNAVERSE Artificial Intelligence Integration


Phase 6

  • Continue to spread awareness for ZUNA Ecosystem through marketing and partnerships

  • Hire support team to run day to day on ZUNAVERSE marketplace.

  • Implement scalable automation for marketplace growth

  • Grow ZUNAVERSE to 10 Million monthly trading volume

  • Create additional reward opportunities inside ZUNAVERSE

  • $ZUNA listings on top tier CEX's


Phase 7

  • Ensure ZUNAVERSE is growing steadily with full team in place on pace for 25+ Million monthly volume

  • Begin planning and designing next utility (based on market conditions and what will have the biggest impact to ZUNA Ecosystem at the time)

  • Begin development of chosen utility (dex/cex hybrid, defi wallet, play to earn, or metaverse)


Phase 8

  • ZUNAVERSE monthly trading volume at 100+ Million 

  • $ZUNA marketcap at ~1 Billion 

  • Build and deploy next utility platform

  • Implement best practice marketing strategies and existing partnerships to grow new platform

  • Create a repeatable blueprint for all future ZUNA Ecosystem platforms

  • Rinse and repeat process with each new utility platform

There will never be a final phase. ZUNA will continue to grow, innovate and build it's ecosystem. We are here to stay, and this is only the beginning.

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