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One year Recap

A massive thank you to every individual who has supported us in the past year! As a thank you we just dropped a $15,000+ Crypto/NFT Giveaway: ENTER HERE

ZUNA has come a long way since November 2021. Fair launching on PancakeSwap with no pre-sale, we opened trading to the public and kicked off our communities and initial marketing push.

Features on Yahoo Finance and hundreds of other crypto-specific media outlets, combined with our first ZUNA Developer live video AMA aided to our fast growth.

Maintaining transparency with the community and spreading awareness about the future of ZUNA, we began designing the Ecosystem that you see today.

Our goal was always to build something that provided rewards and opportunities to holders that hadn't been done before.. enter & the ZunaNauts NFT Collection.

After building for many months, overcoming set backs and maintaining a high standard for quality our Ecosystem was finally ready to be born.

We launched our full stack NFT Marketplace and NFT collection in the late summer 2022 and introduced a truly innovative reward system to the crypto space.

We have faced many challenges and hurdles along our journey, as many projects do. There is a reason many do not make it to the one year mark.

Our persistence and patience combined with our incredible community who believes in the mission, and believes in us is the reason we have come so far.

We will continue to build and innovate, growing adoption of our NFT Marketplace while always putting our holders first.

One year down, decades to go.


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