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The ZUNA Ecosystem

Decentralized innovation that provides out of this world rewards

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Innovation at every turn, the three components to the ZUNA ecosystem.

ZUNA Token

The deflationary token that powers the entire ecosystem. Built on BSC with 5% holder reflections from every transaction, and an additional 5% being auto sent and locked in the liquidity pool for a healthy future. Renounced ownership.

An innovative full stack NFT Marketplace built on BSC. Unique features for creators and buyers alike, and a one of a kind reward system to benefit the entire ZUNA ecosystem and all holders - 2.5% from every transaction auto buys $ZUNA.


A limited collection of astronaut themed NFT's with the most impressive reward system out there. Earn a % from every transaction on the NFT Marketplace and collect $ZUNA static rewards. Only 1969 available per collection.

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ZUNA Token

$ZUNA is the deflationary token on BSC that connects the entire ZUNA ecosystem and provides automatic holder reflections.

5% holder reflections - earn more $ZUNA from every transaction
Renounced ownership and locked liquidity pool (forever)
Audited and secure - view TechRate audit

Full stack NFT  Marketplace on BSC that provides NFT creators and buyers an innovative option for trading and discovering new projects.

Built on BSC for low fee's and fast transactions
Full stack marketplace with lazy minting, auctions, social networking, $ZUNA integration and many other features
ZUNA buy back system with 2.5% from every transaction auto buying $ZUNA
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Innovative reward system that allows ZunaNaut NFT Holders to earn a percentage from every transaction
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An exclusive collection of NFT's that unlock out of this world rewards.

Limited release with only 1969 in first collection (vault now closed)
Six unique tiers to choose from, each tier offering different rewards and a different mint price
Each NFT earns static $ZUNA rewards for 12 months after minting (based on tier)
Each NFT earns a percentage from every WBNB transaction that takes place on (for life, based on tier)

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